House Rules

As of February 1, 2019

- The Bartender on duty is always in charge.

- Members are permitted to use and enjoy all the club’s facilities when they are available. However, approval by the executive board is required before any club property or equipment is removed from the club building or grounds.

- Members may bring up to nine guests four times per year outside of their spouse and immediate family in the off season, six during the summer.

- Any member or group requesting to use or rent the club’s facilities must obtain approval from the Club Steward or the House Committee. A cleaning deposit may be required and any party or function accepted will conform strictly to the Executive Board’s rules and all New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations and appropriate fees.

- Minors must leave the building by 9 p.m. Anyone younger than 19 years old constitutes a minor.

- Minors are not permitted to sit or stand at the bar or use the pool table, 
dart board  or shuffleboard.

- No games are allowed to be played during dinner hours, 5-9 p.m. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

- Illegal gambling is not permitted on the Log Cabin property.

- No cursing.

- Any member lending his or her card key to anyone will be subject to disciplinary action

- Any disturbances involving members or their guests will result in loss of all club privileges until the Executive Board reviews the incident

-Members are not permitted to leave or dump items on the club’s property without first obtaining permission from the Executive Board. This also includes storage of boats or use of the outside storage sheds.

- Any complaints referring to club policy must be brought up at the General meetings or the Executive Board meeting.

- All guests must sign in.

- Members must stay with guests or be with another member at all times.

- No Membership card, no service.

General Membership Meetings

The Margate Log Cabin General Membership meetings are held 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the cabin. Come on out to the meetings to hear the latest information about your Margate Log Cabin.

Membership Dues

Membership is currently closed

Membership Dues are paid annually after
January 1st and must be paid before March 1st.

You can drop off your dues into the Cabin Dues box
located inside the cabin by the cork bulletin board

or mail them to:
Margate Log Cabin
608 N. Jerome Ave.
Margate, NJ 08402

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