Live Music & Events

These events, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTED, are not open to the general public. They are for members and guests only (Max of 5 guests)

24th Bob and Bob
25th Mike Auble
26th Bob Waters

1st Motts Creek Duo
2nd Mel and Tony
3rd Shaun Durnin
8th Mike Auble
9th Dr. Phil and the Heart Attacks
10th Cole Moore
15th Bob and Bob
16th THE Motts Creek Pickers…. Member Event
17th Pete Glaze
22nd Mel and Tony
23rd The SSP’s…. Member Event
24th Cole Moore
29th Tom and Kim Pacitti
30th Patty Blee, and MPG Weekend
31st Patty Blee, and MPG Weekend

5th Joe Halligan Duo
6th Pete Glaze
7th Glen Eric
12th Mike Auble
13th Cole Moore
14th Dawn Lolla and Friends
19th Motts Creek Duo
21st Shaun Durnin
26th Cole Moore
27th Patty Blee
28th Mike Auble

2nd Joe Halligan Duo
3rd Tom and Kim Pacitti
4th Shaun Durnin
9th Motts Creek Duo
10th Chris Yoder
17th The Flynns
18th Shaun Durnin

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