Today's Menu

September 18, 2021

Tonight at the Log Cabin it's Seafood Saturday! Come out an enjoy the beautiful weather!

Natalie and Billy are making the best Bayside cocktails around and of course serving ice cold beer. Don't forget about Barbara and Tim inside with Refreshing drinks & the Phillies game.

Live music from Patty Blee tonight @6pm.

Grill items come with potato salad or chips. 

$12 Cheeseburger
$12 BBQ Pulled Pork
$5 all beef Hot dog

App: $12 bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed peppers.

Soup: Manhattan Clam Chowder B.$7 C.$4

Please understand that even though the summer has ended prices continue to climb.

Dinner specials come with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

$22 Tuna: Ahi Tuna steak seared medium rare then Topped with Wasabi cream and ginger soy sauce.

$22 King Salmom: Fresh wild caught Alaskan salmon. Seasoned & Seared to perfection then finished in a wine bath.

$19 Blackened Pork Chop: Bone-in chop rolled in our blackening spice & seared. For the non-seafood people.