Membership Dues Are Overdue

2018 membership expired March 31st as of May 1st we will be taking applicants off of the waiting list replacing members who have not renewed. Please do not put your membership in jeopardy this is your final notice For 2019 Dues

Lord of the Wings 2019

1st – Mike Auble Sr.
2nd – Mike Auble Jr.
3rd – Kate Stanton

Italian Night – Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday is our Italian Night at the Cabin! 🇮🇹 Stop by for a Cocktail with George and a bite to eat with Chef Jim and the  whole gang!

Soup :

Beef Barley Soup 🍲 $3.00/$6.00

Tonight’s Dinner Apps:

Caprese Salad w/Shrimp $9.00

Meatball App $7.00

Entrees: All entrees come with pasta and sauce of your choosing

Flounder Parmesan $15.00

Veal Parm $15.00

*Chicken Parm $14.00

Eggplant Parm $12.00

*Homemade Meatballs or Sausages over Pasta $12.00

*Seafood Pasta (Shrimp, Lump Crab and Clam sauce) $22.00

*Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo $18

*Crab and Spinach $18.00

*Clam sauce over pasta $13

Shrimp 🍤 Scampi $18.00


*Chicken Parm &

Fries $12

*Meatball or Sausage          Parm with Fries $11.00

*Roast Pork w/spinach and provolone $12.00

Tonight’s Dinner Special:

Mahi Mahi or Salmon Fresh Fish seared then finished on a cedar plank w/lemon pesto sauce served with Mashed Potato and Sautéed Spinach $16.00

Sauces available Red Blush, Alfredo, Garlic and Olive Oil

Please check with your server for available desserts 🍨 $5.00

Mangia! Mangia!!          Tonight at YOUR                Log Cabin 🇮🇹

New Membership Cards

New membership cards are available for members who have paid their dues. starting today. You must sign for your new card and hold on to your old card you will need your old card to vote in the election March 11th.

Use your new card with the new reader pad. Do not insert a new card in the old reader – it will not work.

Meatball Contest Winners

The 2019 winners of the Margate Log Cabin Chili Contest

First place: Matt Vesey, on right
Second place: Mary Oakes
Third place: Peter James McLaughlin, on left

Congratulations to all!

President’s Message

I’d like to start by thanking all our members for supporting the club this past year. I’m Into my 12th year as an executive officer and President, I’m proud to be part of a lot of upgrades & changes at the club and to help make the Log Cabin become what it is today. We are now at 500 members! With that growth, there has regrettably also been some loss with 2018 marking the passing of a few of our true and dear members.

The E- Board and I have continued the monthly member parties and are so proud of our Back Bay Bar which is entering its sixth Summer Season. We need to continue the way the club is going and urge members to get involved either through a committee, coming to monthly meetings or just simply supporting one of our monthly member parties.

It’s the members that make the club what it is. Speaking for the entire E-Board and staff we would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year and may all the blessings be with every one of you.
Thomas Flynn, President