Tonight it’s Quizzo Night at the Log Cabin!! The Fun Challenging Quiz Game starting at 7:30. With Nick, Torker


Dozen Wings Or Tenders (5) Hot, Mild or Honey BBQ. $10.

Bar Pie 12in plain pepperoni 🍕 or meatball $10.00

Onion Rings w/Horseradish sauce Mozzarella Sticks w/marinara sauce or Buffalo Cauliflower Or Fried Pickles $6.00

Calamari $6.00
Chili Dog $5.00
Crab Bites $8.00

Sandwiches all served with fries 🍟

Cheesesteak: chicken or beef in a sub roll $10.

Cabin Burger 8oz blended patty cooked to your liking topped w/ Pork Roll LTO $10.

Tuna Melt grilled tuna fish w cheddar on white bread $8.00

Dinner Special:

$12. fish
$10. shredded beef
$10. Chicken guacamole salsa and slaw with all and a side of baked beans and fries 🍟

As always Club Menu is available.

* Prices Include New Jersey Sales Tax*

Tonight at YOUR
Log Cabin!!

Log Cabin dessert specials $5.00