Wednesday is our Italian Night at the Cabin! 🇮🇹 Stop by for a Cocktail with George and a bite to eat with Chef Jim and the  whole gang!

Don’t forget our Cabin Thanksgiving Eve Party with live music by Dr. Phil and the Heartattacks at 7 ******🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃

Soup :

Cream of Mushroom 🍄 soup $3.00/$6.00

Tonight’s Dinner


Buffalo Calamari $7.00

Meatball App $7.00


All Entrees come with pasta and sauce of your choosing

Flounder Parmesan $15.

Veal Parmesan $15

*Chicken Parm $14

*Homemade Meatballs or Sausages over Pasta $12

*Seafood Pasta (Shrimp, Lump Crab and Clam sauce) $20

*Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo $18

*Crab and Spinach Alfredo $20

*Clam sauce over pasta $13

Shrimp 🍤 Scampi $18.00


*Chicken Parm &

Fries $12

*Meatball or Sausage Parm with Fries $11.

*Roast Pork w/sautéed Spinach and Provolone W/Fries $11.00

*Crab Cake Sandwich Fries 🍟 and Slaw $15.

Shrimp 🍤 Parm w/fries $14.

Tonight’s Dinner Special:

Parm Crusted Salmon Fresh Seared Salmon then topped w/ our Parmesan Crust and baked until golden brown.Served w/ mixed veggie and creamy risotto $15.

Sauces available Red Blush, Alfredo, Garlic and Olive Oil

Please check with your server for available desserts 🍨 $5.00

Banana Fudge & Limoncello

Key Lime Pie 🥧

Mangia! Mangia!!          Tonight at YOUR                Log Cabin 🇮🇹